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I thought I'd start keeping track of girl attempt stories. Some of them are quite funny to remember and my friends seem to enjoy them. I guess they tend to be amusing because of how I how I go about trying to meet girls. Basically I don't make it simple for myself. I tend to make a big plan ahead of time then execute it. I suck at just talking to a girl, and then sleeping with her. It always has to be some big saga I get myself into. Sometimes the encounters go somewhat according to plan, other times... not so much. I resolve to record the successes, grey areas, and complete failures alike, since I find them all interesting in their own way. I'll only put up two or three of the recent encounters and then just write them as they actually happen. I'll try and keep them all relatively short and concise. But I like to practice my writing too. So skip the first two paragraphs below on this one if you really just want to get to the point. This first entry will be about a girl I met on my roadtrip up the East Coast of Australia on a small quiet beach in Gold Coast.

Two weeks ago roughly from today I had just finished up my first stay in Sydney. It hadn't really lived up to my expectations socially. When I had reached Sydney, I'd just come down from several days of solitude campaing in and around mount Kosciuszko. I'd therefore hoped to meet some girls and even make friends with guys to go party with. To cut a long story short I'd booked a hostel rather than air bnb to try and make that happen but to no avail. The people there were already in groups of their own, there were no interesting activities like pub crawls, and my room was full of people actually living in the hostel rather than holidaying. The weather was also shit so I ended up leaving early to Gold Coast. What I'm saying, is that I was starved for social interaction. One of the chellenges of solo travel, at least for someone like me. 

At my Gold Coast air bnb I'd met another older lodger couple, and they'd reccommended a nice calm water part of beach I should visit in the area. Apparently it was a lovely place to swim, and quite secluded because It's not obvious how to get there, in spite of being in view of a main road bridge. In any case, after a bit of trial and error, I found the access route the next day, and made the short hike after ditching the car. basically the beach lies in front of a tiny national park area nestled between a well to do residential area and a river mouth. To sheltered from any ocean volatility, but just as lovely and warm as the ocean. So as usual, alone, I sit down with my beach bag, and review the situation. Hot girls to the left and right, irritating group of school kids leaving (thank god), and a good spot to wade into the water for a swim at 12 oclock.

As I'm building up the courage to take my shirt off, I notice this hot girl with abs of steel emerging from the water at 10 oclock with two friends who were not so hot. Nice. ok look away, concentrate on beaching. Then out nowhere my head is struck by a bouncy yet hard object. It was a shock, but didn't hurt. Fuck, why me, always me. Looking up, I see abs coming towards me and apologising profusely. Huh. I mumble something to the effect of "no problem, I guess I could work on my header". All I could come up with, sorry. After a brief exchange standard to a situation like that, she and her friends return to their spot behind me at 8 oclock. At this point my mind goes into female targetting mode. This is a mode where I devote 100% of my brain to deciding how I can approach and talk to a specific girl without seeming creepy. I realize that though I missed a chance initially, we now have a connection, so I could potentially follow up with something else provided it also isn't creepy, and is a well thought out plan. Hey, I'm just telling you how my brain narrative works, I know it's probably bullshit.

So anyway, since I was already building up to go for a swim, I get an idea. I'll ask the girl if she can watch my belongings. Then go for a swim, come back, and try and strike up conversation. At that point, she'll appreciate and trust me for not being a creep and trying to chat her up on two occasions, so the tinder will be perfectly set up. Brilliant! Before I can chicken out, I pick my shit up, walk up over to her and her group, and ask her if she'd mind doing so. She agrees with a smile, good body language, and a another apology for before. I say no problem, and add that it would be funny if she ended up stealing my stuff now. after a brief conversation, I break it off, and go for that swim. The water felt great. After the swim as I'm exiting the water, I pretend in my mind to be Halle Berry in James bond.. at least a male version. I become painfully aware of my lack of sculpted abs. This is why I don't like picking up on beaches. Confidence man, confidence. Gliding over to my abs entrusted lady, I attempt to emit an air of mysteriousness. "thanks for looking after my crap" I say.

To my pleasure, she didn't just accept my thanks, she started a conversation. A conversation that didn't stop for about an hour. She had completely ignored her friends and talked to me for all that time, and I gave her every opportunity to talk to her friends again. They even left for a swim during that time and returned. By time our hour or so was up, the sun was low and our beach was already completely shaded (I had arrived at like 5). As her friends started to pack up and leave, she gave me her number. We said goodbye, and well, that was the last time I saw her. We talked for a day or two after, I asked if she wanted to meet but she was busy with some of the stuff we had been talking about. I believe her, it made sense and wasn't seemingly an excuse at least not wholly. I only had a window of three days so we couldn't reschedule anyway, so that was it! Yes, my stories don't often have happy endings. They are brutally truthful, even if it ends with me looking like a berk, or even somewhat pathetic. This is the nature of life.  By the way, as her occupation is tree surgeon, she climbs trees for a living.. sorry, wasn't able to write that in as I didn't want to cover the whole conversation, would have been too boring. 

The beach in question. Taken after the ball impact but before the approach. The group would have been directly behind me from the perspective of this photo. 

The beach in question. Taken after the ball impact but before the approach. The group would have been directly behind me from the perspective of this photo. 

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