Change of plan. Staying for now

Recently I finished up my month long roadtrip in Australia. Perhaps I'll do an after action report on that later. Basically though I've decided to stay in Australia in order to find a job. The Australians seem to have the right idea in how to live, so I'd like to explore that a little more. Sure Australia has it's problems like the slow speed limits, the ridiculout fines, the lack of alcohol and the shitty partying hours/rules in Sydney to name a few. But I think broadly I could get used to it here. Also the girls are pretty hot tbh.

The plan at the moment is to leave Melbourne where I'm currently staying with a friend to instead stay one or two months in Sydney in a rented room rather than hostel, camping ground or hotel, and try to find a job. Theory is that Sydney is a bigger city with companies more relevant to me, and sharing a single bed in a small shared apartment here is not a longer term strategy even if it is free. Ultimately the end goal now is to start living here really. Hopefully being a UK citizen will help me somewhat, but either way it's a big challenge even from a visa perspective. Let alone trying to find a job in my field. I'd rather not do casual work. I want to move forward in my life rather than go back to living like a student or something too much. Though I appreciate that while looking for a job and scoping that avenue out, I'll have to live in a probably not so great accomodation. 

I've spoken to a couple work agencies, and they seem optimistic as usual. Part of their whole spiel I guess. One mentioned it would be easier to get on trial periods and for companies to hire me if I go for the 417 working holiday visa. In order to apply for that I need to physically leave the country and apply from abroad, then wait for six days for it to be hopefully approved. So I may need to do that fairly soon as I already got accomodation lined up.

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