The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Epic game all in all, had a great time playing it from start to finish; both the core story and the secondary missions.  

THE STORY is compelling for those that want a story in a videogame capable of matching and surpassing those on the big screen, and detailed/extensive enough for the type of person who likes to really get into every detail of the lore. Even the side missions have great writing and attention to detail.

GOOD BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. I ended up spending almost 100 hours by the time I finished the story. This was with me wandering around a lot for fun, doing many of the side missions, and using the brothels. 

THE GRAPHICS are as far as I can see some of the best to date. From the smaller perceptible facial details you can notice to the epic, varied scenery there is an abundance of eye candy. 

THE POLISH of the product by the Polish (at least the build that I played) was very good at least on my machine. For such a large scale open world game release that can't be easy. I encountered few bugs, or anything that disrupted my immersion. Only once was there an odd glitch where all my session's save games went into a balck hole. 

THE ENDGAME was lacking in things to do. Once you finish the story, it puts you back at a timeline point in the game that for all intents and purposes is before all of the main missions have been completed. This combined with the fact there is no incentive to carry out the other unfinished missions breaks immersion somewhat. With such a large world I am sure I did less than half of what there is to do. This is partly because I leveled so fast so most of my secondary missions and undiscovered locations became obselete. It would have been nice to be placed in the correct point of the timeline afterwards, and given the ability to effectively continue to level up while finishing some harder challenges. Otherwise a shame to have created a large world with much going unapreciated. That kind of thing would also enable to developers to monetize with DLC in an acceptable way. 

My Score: 9/10