Angry Videogame Nerd: The movie Review

What a terrible film. I've been a fan of this popular Youtube series since 2006, but this is just awful. The faults of this film have nothing to do with the budget, as I'll lay out in my two cents.

On the negative side, I don't know where to start.. So I'll list a few and briefly detail.

*Spoilers below*

The annoying sidekick, Cooper:
After a few dialogues, all I wanted to do was punch his stupid mouth. Everything that came out was annoying. Also, he doesn't really fit into the series for me at all. Mike Matei or any of the other characters that appeared on the web series would have been a better choice, even if some acting "talent" would have to be sacrificed. 

The nerd girl, Mandi:
Most of her scenes turned out to be pointless and could have been just as well cut. Relationships between her and the other two were not developed properly. Indeed, her own character made no sense.. one minute a company executive, the next a fearless warrior with martial arts experience and no fear of guns ponted at her.

The pointless new characters:
Kind of carrying on from the above two points, they were bad decisions. In addition, the other supporting cast were victims more of the script than their own acting talents.

The terrible humor
I lauged maybe once, and that was more a brief exhalation from my nose. Again I am a fan of the web series, but the humor here reminded me of the kind of stuff you see on Spy Kids-esque films for 5-10 year olds. That, mixed with dated humor, like the "it sounds like they are having sex upstairs but actually it's completely innocent" scene. Maybe the characters other than the Nerd and his cohort should have behaved more like human beings in the real world rather than basically extensions of the Nerd. Failing that, the whole thing comes off as a kid's movie (if not for the slight gore). 

The convoluted storyline
All of the characters and scenarios just came off as unbelievable and unrelatable. Deep down there I could see some of the AVGN humor come out, but it just came off wrong. There was far too much stuff going on that made no sense. Something about a flat world, a monster that can end the world, the son of the monster who looks completely different and a bit like E.T, a spaceship hidden in game cartridges, a romance seemingly attempted but given up on in the script, hero worship of the Nerd character, a military general and lieutenant who do wierd things the whole movie.. basically the script was a big split from the normal Nerd episodes in every way. It tried to do too much, and achieved nothing in doing so. 

The random undeserved romance right at the end.
An interesting dynamic could have been developed between the Nerd and Mandi. When he left her to be killed by McButter the lieutenant, he later apologises for it briefly, and that's it. They had some interaction with the DDR they were playing earlier so it looked like some kind of relationship at least would be formed to challenge the Nerds no birds rule, but no. Instead at the end Cooper randomly makes out with her... they had even less interaction time! 

The sub-par acting
Again, it's probably more because of the script than the cast themselves. 
Briefly the good sides included the special effects using models which were fun to watch on their own despite the ridiculous scenarious based around them; they are very much part of the AVGN home-made style so that was cool to see brought over on larger scales. Special computer effects were also pretty cool for a low budget movie.

My rating: 4/10

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