I decided to create this as a kind of mix between a diary and a venting zone. An area where I can kind of let the inner asshole off the leash some more. Give the asshole some slack, if you will. For example here I might say a sweeping statement of some kind, while the real and balanced me would be fully aware there are many complex components at play in that given situation, and that it is completely unfair to make a statement like that without listing and being aware of said components, the me on this site will typically and regularly not even mention them.

The site is mainly for me really but if anyone wants to follow along with my life then by all means please do. Since it's mainly for me I won't really be spell checking much for now. Also remember, being mad at me for what I saw here would be like seeing a poster advertising guitar lessons then calling up the teacher and angrily telling them that you don't want guitar lessons. In other words, you are free not to read anything here.